Avis Carp heeft op het vasteland van Europa een aantal nieuwe consultants verworven, het gaat om top-karpervissers die een waardevolle aanvulling zullen vormen op het al indrukwekkende team aan Europese consultants.

Zo is Remy Klotz toegevoegd aan het team van Nederlandse consultants. Remy is een gepassioneerde, toegewijde sportvisser die graag vist op openbare meren en kanalen in de buurt van zijn huis in Nederland.


De rest van het persbericht in de Engelse taal:

Well-known big fish anglers Pierre-Michel Lehe (boven) and Patrick Scupin (onder) have joined our German team. Both are extremely well-known anglers that regularly appear in most of the popular German carp publications.

Both are extremely competent anglers, we’re certain they’re going to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and help us continue to create products that appeal to the German market. With both anglers joining a strong line up that already includes the likes of Christian Kessler and Bjorn Brandt, we’re sure our German team is going to do some very special things this year, and catch some incredible carp.


With the Avid brand growing rapidly in Italy, we’ve decided to expand the team accordingly. We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have signed well-respected Italian angler Fabio Gerrantana (boven). As well as appearing in a lot of the popular Italian carp titles, he’s constantly on the bank in search of large carp.

Keep your eye out on our website, in the magazines and online for features, articles and catch reports from these guys. They are an incredibly talented bunch of anglers and we’re sure they are going to catch some very special carp this year.

Website: www.avidcarp.com.